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What our Clients Say about Us….

What our Clients Say about Us….

31 January 2018

More amazing testimonials from our clients as we enter a new year. Thank you to everyone for your kind words and we look forward to doing business with you in the future.



Symon and Lucia were an absolute joy to work with - they were knowledgeable, responsive to any queries and always sympathetic to the intricacies of an Estate sale. Every stage of the sale process, from pre-listing to settlement was made as transparent and fuss free as possible. Symon always provided an update on open for inspections and all follow up calls quickly and completely. If you are looking for an agent and agency who will really focus on you and your needs then you cannot go past Badenoch - 5 stars all the way. Belinda 

Buying a house is an interesting journey and requires dozens of house inspection which means we met many agents along the way. I have to say Symon and Lucia were fantastic and easily up there with the best. We missed out on the first auction we attended with Symon however his encouragement and assistance to find the NEXT one was second to none. We were successful at the second auction with Symon and the advice on price was very accurate therefore we were well prepared. Post sale Lucia was also amazing as we were always kept on the loop and always aware of where things were at. All in all Symon and Lucia made this stressful process as smooth as it could be. I highly recommend them. Nick 

I have been using Badenoch ever since their inception, both for managing my rental properties and also in the sale of several properties. Every transaction has been flawless! I have recommended Badenoch to my family and colleagues and all have had their high expectations exceeded by Badenoch. Patrick

We were buyers in the very aggressive Canberra property market for about six months. During this time we had the displeasure of dealing with some very unimpressive, rude and lethargic Real Estate agents. To put it simply it’s a seller’s market and the agents simply have no need to work with purchasers. Very impersonal and unhelpful. There were few exceptions to our experience, Symon and Lucia were certainly heads and shoulders above their peers. Symon was factual and to the point, he balanced his responsibility of representing his vendor while guiding us towards a successful real estate outcome for both parties. Lucia was a consummate professional, always returned phone calls and delivered on what she promised. These are rare traits in the current Canberra Real Estate agent cohort. I would certainly (and already have) recommend Symon and Lucia to friends and family. I wish the reader good luck, give Symon and Lucia a call they may be able to assist you, we were certainly very happy with our outcome. Colin


Leasing/Property Management

Owning a property while overseas is a bit daunting but I have to say we have not really had a worry at all since the purchase in 2006 where you also started the property management.

The seamless sale of the property at the end has been the cherry on the top. We will certainly recommend Badenoch for both property management and sales within our network. Richard & Christina

We’ve been very happy since we switched over to your company and would happily recommend you to our friends.  Your services over this year have always been so timely, accurate and helpful (very important things for a professional services company!) So we are grateful we’re working with you! Helen

Dear Heather, Symon and team, thank you so much for the lovely hamper I received for referring Jason and Rachael Kennedy. It was my pleasure to refer them to you, your continual superb service managing my property and having the stability of Chloe as my property manager has given me peace of mind that my rental house is in great hands. You and your team have and are amazing. I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Christmas and I will continue to recommend you to friends, family and colleagues as a premium company. Renee