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Badenoch behind the scenes

Badenoch behind the scenes

31 January 2018

At Badenoch Real Estate we work hard for our clients but always try and find some time for a little fun and enjoyment!  We have supplied a few pictures of what went on during January.  



Emily from the Badenoch Leasing just ensuring that all new properties pass her rigorous cleansing routine!



Happy Birthday Jodie - our wonderful accounts manager is turning 21 again. And you get to be at work all day with us.... you are so lucky!!!!



Lucia from our Sales Team with a beautiful bunch of flowers from a recent seller! They were for both of us but Lucia definitely deserved them. Thanks to our lovely seller- we really appreciate the kind gesture and the opportunity to work with you.  



They don’t build baths like they use to! You know it’s small when Lucia cannot even stretch her legs out- now that’s small..... 


Happy Anniversary to Shantelle and Lucia. Both celebrating 4 years with the Badenoch Team this month! A great night of reminiscing.... you have done well to put up with me for that long! Thank you both for your hard work and valuable contribution. I have really enjoyed having you both as part of my direct team.



Emily from the Badenoch Leasing is on fire! 20 properties LEASED in one week.... Great start to 2018. 



20 years of Badenoch Real Estate and first boy’s night out! Big Bash cricket - good company! Thanks Rolfe Mazda for awesome tickets.



Thanks to my Secret Santa this year.... not sure whether to be offended or pleased with my new coffee mug! Thanks Santa