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Software Upgrade/Statement Attachments

Software Upgrade/Statement Attachments

30 June 2017

From July 2017 you will notice a slight change to when you receive invoice attachments with your statements.

Previously, invoices have been attached to the monthly statement for the month in which they have been paid. From July 2017, due to a software upgrade, this will differ slightly in that invoices will now be attached to the monthly statement during which they are received. This may or may not necessarily be the same month in which the invoices appear on your statement as being paid.


Quarterly rates & land tax invoices are received during the month of July. If funds are available, you will also see payment of these bills on your July statement.

If adequate funds aren’t available, you will still receive a copy of these invoices with your July statement. Payment will then appear on your August statement, the month in which funds become available.

This change will not affect the manner in which we manage payment of your accounts in any way.

In circumstances where no funds are expected due to vacancy or various other expenses occurring, we will contact you for further funds or to make other suitable arrangements for your accounts as per our usual practice. 

We hope this information assists as we transition to this format in the new financial year. Should you have any questions regarding this or any other accounts matters, please contact Jodie from our accounts department: ; 02 6264 0912