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Drone Shot's

Drone Shot's

31 August 2017 Badenoch Real Estate

A marketing tool you may not be aware of is the use of drone shots during the marketing process when listing your property for sale with Badenoch Real Estate.

Drone shots are the new way of creating a visual perspective that otherwise may be missed when inspecting a property from front on or simply cannot be captured by standard photography. They can be a great way of showing potential buyers the block from a bird's eye view.

Some other advantages of using a drone shot are:

  • Stunning images of the property and suburb along with highlighting various angles of the property
  • Configuration of suburb to assess the convenience of the drive to and from work or the kid's route to school
  • Confirming condition of the roof and property features that are otherwise difficult to obtain
  • The layout of the neighbourhood and surrounding area
  • The home’s proximity to amenities

For those who are concerned about privacy, here at Badenoch we meet the photographer onsite to ensure the accuracy of drone shots taken.

If you would like to know any further information please feel free to contact the office.