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Nat's in the Doghouse!

Nat's in the Doghouse!

31 March 2017

Natalie recently participated in a fundraiser organised by the RSPCA named ‘In The Dog House’. The aim was to help raise awareness for animal cruelty. The funds donated from the event go towards helping the RSPCA pay for dogs who are held in the shelters until they are adopted out to a new family.

She spent 2 hours in the dog kennel with other participants who were also raising money for the cause.

Natalie also met Luke, an ex-Greyhound racer and Hargret, a 2 year old bull mastiff who is waiting for a new home to go to.

The fantastic news is Natalie exceeded her target for this great cause!

RSPCA’s aim is to spread the word and bring awareness to animal cruelty to Canberra and Australia wide #Adpotdontshop.