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Meet The Team - Olivia Wark

Meet The Team - Olivia Wark

31 July 2017

Meet Olivia! The newest addition to the Leasing Team, Olivia is the friendly face that greets you at the front desk each day. She is also responsible for logging tenancy applications, uploading property ads to the internet and various tasks ensuring the Leasing Team runs smoothly each day.  Her cool and calm approach means no task is too big or small as she takes everything in her stride with a positive attitude. 

Here are a few things about Olivia:


Hometown: Cairns, North Queensland

What do you love most about Canberra? The weather! Crazy I know but I adore the 4 seasons. Spring and Autumn especially are so beautiful!

Most memorable travel experience: Hired a Wicked Van and did a road trip of the East Coast of Australia – Lots of camping and fun memories

Likes: The beach, Thai Food & Seinfeld

Dislikes: Frogs – They are terrifying!

Favourite Saying: Keep moving forward