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Meet The Team - Chris Hetherington

Meet The Team - Chris Hetherington

31 August 2017


We recently welcomed Chris to the Badenoch team as a Property Manager and would like to introduce you to him!  


Hometown: Canberra

What do you love most about Canberra? I love the big country town feel, being close to family and friends and that its 2 hours from the coast and the snow, the traffic isn’t too bad either.

Most memorable travel experience: Travelling to America......pre-Trump. Everything is bigger and louder over there! Highlights would have to include my helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, watching the Red Sox vs the Yankees and the lobster rolls in Maine.

Likes: Touch football, guitar, fly fishing, movies, video games but most of all spending quality time with family and friends......alcohol is optional.

Dislikes: Scraping frost off my windscreen, anything with 8 legs and being a Canberra Raiders supporter.

Favourite Saying: “With great power comes great responsibility”... Uncle Ben.