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Meet The Team - Chloe Elliot

Meet The Team - Chloe Elliot

29 May 2015

Chloe has been a part of Badenoch Real Estate for just over 1 year.  She works as a Leasing Consultant closely alongside Jayne and Emma to provide outstanding customer service to owners and tenants alike. 

Hometown: Canberra

What do you love most about Canberra? The extreme seasons and it is an place to live in

Most memorable travel experience: Too many to choose from, but seeing Cher in concert in Vegas was spectacular ... I cried when she came out on stage and I was the youngest person there!

Likes: Spending time with my partner and his kids, having a laugh, catching up with friends, running and the gym 

Dislikes: Buttons and jeans….. don’t ask I'm weird 

Favorite Saying: Treat yourself!