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Gungahlin roads received over half of Canberra's roads budget for second year running

Gungahlin roads received over half of Canberra's roads budget for second year running

31 March 2017 Finbar O'Mallon


Gungahlin received two-thirds of the ACT's entire road budget in 2015-2016 and over half the budget this financial year, according to figures from ACT transport minister Meegan Fitzharris' office.

The figures show $62.3 millon of the $90 million 2015/2016 ACT roads budget was spent on Gungahlin roads, while $61.5 million of a $111 million budget will be spent on the northside region in 2016/2017. 

Transport Canberra and City Services said the increased road resurfacing was due to more roads in Gungahlin reaching an age requiring maintenance.

"In newer areas the first roads to start receiving resurfacing treatment are arterial roads and bus routes," a spokesperson said.

Traffic around Gungahlin has turned to a crawl during peak hours, with multiple road works causing delays.

Ms Fitzharris said it was vital to improve transport infrastructure in Gungahlin, one of Australia's fastest growing regions.

"As a Gungahlin resident myself ... I thank residents for their patience, and the end result will mean better roads and a quicker journey for thousands of people every day," Ms Fitzharris said.

Duplication works on Horse Park Drive from Anthony Rolfe Avenue to Mulligans Flat Road will begin in April, and finish by March 2018.

Ms Fitzharris said nearly 18,000 cars used Horse Park Drive daily and the works would help improve safety, creating six kilometres of dual carriageway.

Gungahlin will house part of Canberra's future light rail network, which is hoped to reduce traffic and provide Canberrans an easier work commute.

"The project will change how we use public transport, which is essential given there will be almost 500,000 people living in Canberra by 2031," the TCCS spokesperson said.



Date: 22, MARCH 2017