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30 June 2017 The Canberra Times

The data from the 2016 census are now available and make for some interesting reading for Canberra investors.  I have listed some of these below. 

- ACT's total population has grown to 406,403 people, up 11.2 per cent from 357,222 in 2011.

- The census counted 23.4 million Australians, up 8.8 per cent since 2011 and more than doubling since the 1966 national count.

- People in the ACT are younger, earn more and marry less, as the capital recorded the largest population growth out of all states and territories, with Gungahlin responsible for the boom.  Gungahlin is Australia's second-fastest growing region, with 71,000 residents, up from 47,000 in 2011.

- In Canberra the median age is 35, below the national median age of 38.

- Canberrans earn about $300-per-week more than Australians nationally, with a median weekly income of $998 compared to the national median of $662.  But Canberrans also pay more for housing, with the second-highest monthly mortgage repayment in Australia of $2058, still a drop from $2167 in 2011.

- The median weekly rent of $380 has remained unchanged since 2011.

- There was a significant increase in the number of occupied private dwellings in the ACT, at 142,670, an increase from 129,430 in 2011.

- About 38 per cent of dwellings in Canberra are owned with a mortgage, compared with 31 per cent rented and 27 per cent owned outright.

- Fewer Canberrans are getting married, with 37.9 per cent unmarried compared to 35 per cent nationally. There are 6.1 million families nationwide, including 46,800 same-sex couples - up by 39 per cent since 2011.

- More than 25,000 new Canberrans arrived from overseas, seeing more than a quarter of the territory's population born outside Australia.


Source: The Canberra Times 27th June 2017