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Allhomes Rising Star Awards 2017 - Finalist

Allhomes Rising Star Awards 2017 - Finalist

30 June 2017 Symon & Heather Badenoch

The Allhomes Rising Star Awards celebrate leadership, innovation and outstanding achievement among real estate professionals in Canberra and surrounding regions. 

The Allhomes Rising Stars for 2017 will be trailblazers in their markets in innovative ways. They will be motivated, dedicated and driven by success.

The winner in each category will be titled the inaugural Allhomes Rising Star, receiving unprecedented editorial coverage including the cover of the Allhomes Property Guide as well as other prestigious rewards.

We have nominated one of our Senior Property Managers, Hannah Reid, for the award. Hannah has recently made the Finalists category. 

Best of luck Hannah, we know you've got it in you to win!