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Allhome Rising Star Results

Allhome Rising Star Results

31 July 2017

The results are in and we are very proud to announce our very own Hannah Reid came runner up in The Allhomes Rising Star Awards!

If you missed last months news update, Symon & Heather nominated Hannah for the inaugural "Allhomes Rising Star Awards" that recognises real estate’s best new talent. 

The award acknowledges hard working sales agents and property managers who are 30 years old or younger or who have been in the industry for two years or less. 

Finalists in each category have demonstrated a commitment to innovation, dedication, and achievement. They included 11 sales agents and 5 property managers. 

The finalists were invited to an exclusive awards ceremony and lunch at The Boat House by the Lake where the winners were announced. 

Congratulations Hannah! 






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