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20 Reasons to use Badenoch Real Estate for your Property Management

20 Reasons to use Badenoch Real Estate for your Property Management

28 April 2017

Below are 20 reasons why Badenoch Real Estate are the best agents for the job.


Heather has been in the industry for 30 years and has extensive knowledge in the industry.


We have a dedicated leasing team overseen by Jayne Spice who has been with the company since Badenoch Real Estate was established in 1997. Jayne and her team work hard to ensure we select the best possible tenant for your property along within minimising the vacancy. 


We have a full-time accounts section to ensure that your accounts and funds are handled efficiently with no delays.


Badenoch Real Estate is a family run boutique business, this means we are able to be more personable with our clients.


Lisa Chives has been a part of the Badenoch Team since 2003, she works closely with the Property Management department to ensure your investment is managed at a high standard.


90% of Heather’s business is referral based. 


Our Guarantee

  • Tenant Guarantee –  If your tenant leaves prior to the end of any fixed term tenancy or needs to be evicted we will find you a new tenant at no charge including advertising.
  • Service Guarantee – If you are not happy with our property management services within the first 60 days we will refund any commission charged during this period and you can cancel the agreement with 24 hours’ notice. 

We know our numbers and we are happy to share them with you. Statistics in modern Property Management are essential to keeping our fingers on the pulse of the rental market. For example: Number of days on market, how many potential tenants inspecting properties versus applications received and more...


More coverage, more demand, more rent! We use a large range of marketing techniques and adapt these regularly in an ever-changing market! These include multiple websites, large prospective tenant database contacted weekly, For Lease Signs, a large volume of business contacts, preferred tenant list and more…


With less than 0.05% of unsatisfied clients lost in over 10 years you know that you will be in safe hands! 


We manage properties in over 80 suburbs across Canberra, allowing us to keep you updated on the market in all areas!


We provide our Lessors with regular feedback and communication throughout the management, not just the letting process. 


We will help you make money-Wealth Creation.


With our experience and knowledge in property investing, we understand that increasing rent is not the only way to increase cash flow. We offer one on one appointments to discuss options to maximise your investment whether this be a single property or an expanding portfolio. Let us show you how.


Our team have a thorough knowledge of the local market and Residential Tenancies Act. Every member of our team undertakes a high level of management training to ensure the returns on your property are maximised.


All Property Management staff are qualified registered agents.


We treat properties as we would our own – but leave you with as much or as little control as you want.


Our property managers work in teams of two, which means we have processes and procedures in place to ensure all facets for the management of your property are covered.


We have the best sales team in Canberra to assist with maximising the sales price of your investment property when ready!


We employ more staff per property managed than most other agencies in Australia 

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