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20 Reasons to Use Badenoch Real Estate for the Sale of your property

20 Reasons to Use Badenoch Real Estate for the Sale of your property

28 April 2017

Before considering selling one of your biggest assets it is important to remember that choosing the right agent is a major factor in achieving the best possible result for your sale. 

Below are 20 reasons why Badenoch Real Estate are the best agents for the job.  


In last 12 months, our team has an 85% success rate with auctions with 100% of auctioned properties selling within the first week following the auction. 


Symon Badenoch has 20 years’ experience and sold over 1,100 properties Canberra wide. Symon is a registered agent, licenced agent and Auctioneer. You will be hard pressed to find another agent in the industry that has the same amount of experience and number of personal sales as Symon.


Our tailored auction campaigns present no extra cost with our agency. 


Our Team focus is to ensure that your experience with our customer service is perfect from the leasing of your property to the property management, right through to the sale of your property. Your experience with our service is 100% satisfaction from start to finish. 


Natalie Kokic Schmidt has worked alongside Symon Badenoch for over 10 years and sold over 500 properties in the last 6 years. She is a registered agent, licensed agent and has also completed her auctioneer’s course.  


Lucia Marzano has been in the industry for 7 years and ensures that all facets of the Sales Team are running in order, managing all the administrative, property marketing and sales co-ordination behind the scenes, ensuring Symon and Natalie focus on the sellers and buyers. 


We have a combined database of over 5,000 investors, first home buyers and downsizers currently looking for a property. Our Team shares a combined database with each other, whereas other agencies won’t share their database with other sales people in their office. 


We sell Canberra wide and tie buyers in from all over Canberra to your property. A local agent will only bring local buyers to your property which does not increase the amount of competition. 


We offer a Reverse Guarantee. If at any stage during the marketing of your property you are not entirely satisfied with the level of service being provided and your concerns cannot be rectified, Badenoch Real Estate will be happy for you to cancel the agreement without notice.


When selling your investment property with us we have the advantage of having complete knowledge of the rental history, the type of tenants your property attracts, depreciation information and any improvements you may have done to your property. Prospective buyers are always curious about the history of the property to help them make their decision and we are able to provide them with this information.


We are not franchised, so we spend the time and money on your property, not marketing ourselves.


Majority of our sales are referred, meaning that we gain most of our business due to being good at what we do and meeting our clients’ needs and expectations. 


We will happily work in with the tenant to ensure a smooth sale process and achieve a great outcome. This also allows us to ensure there is minimal vacancy between your tenant vacating and the property going on the market for sale.


If your home needs work carried out such as new carpets, paint, or any type of maintenance and renovating we organise all the project management on your behalf at no extra cost, overseeing the whole process. 


We keep you updated on all the marketing statistics and updates including buyer’s feedback after every open house and every ‘by appointment’ inspection we carry out. 


A marketing campaign will be tailored for your property and will not be focused on advertising our agency.


We use numerous major websites to market your home - not just Allhomes.  Allhomes is a local website only and your property will appeal to interstate and overseas buyers.  It is important to make sure you have your property on the major sites for maximum exposure. 


On average we sell the same amount of properties per sales person as our competitors in the larger franchised agencies.  


We are genuine. We handle the needs of both the seller and the buyer with everyone's best intentions kept in mind.


Selling your property is not just about the SOLD sticker going up at the end, it is also about the experience with your agent from start to finish. You form a business relationship with this person and need to work together well to ensure all outcomes and goals are met.
Feel free to contact us to discuss selling your investment or your own home. 

Symon Badenoch 0412 898 690
Natalie Kokic Schmidt 0435 921 22

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